Kay was working in banking and wealth management and she was able to adapt and refine additional skill sets.  She had the privilege of being one of a few CFPs and a woman in an evolutionary industry.  Her years of hard work and diligence supporting and counseling her clients led to other opportunities.  Kay transitioned from an advisor in a private bank setting to a Regional Manager for about 22 other advisors.

This new management role allowed Kay to build teams of people joined on a mission to build and maintain relationships, much in the way she had for the bank’s clients.  The role of financial planning was expanding and Kay excelled at teaching others to plan and build lasting relationships as she had.  Through these leadership and teaching roles, Kay began to augment her approach to a more holistic planning approach for each client.  She began combining financial wellness with big picture mind and spirit wellness.

This new-found consciousness and approach seeded an idea to one day create her own firm, free from corporate constraints and structures.  The foundation of KFLP had begun.  Kay’s longtime friends, mentors and former colleagues rallied to support and encourage her.  With the support of friends and family, Kay began planning her new, independent firm which today is KFLP.

TBT- Circa 1988- The many roles and experiences throughout Kay’s career path have shaped her to who she is and what Knuth Financial Life Planning is today! Check out this week’s blog on the influences that led her to begin KFLP: https://www.knuthflp.com/whats-new/the-journey-of-kflp-influences/