It takes a village.  From the very beginning of KFLP, Kay included her husband Mark and their two sons, Parker and Kolby, in the start-up and building of KFLP.   Working together, whether it be working on projects in the office or figuring out a car repair for a client, Parker, Kolby, and Mark have been part of the business from Day 1.  Demonstrating commitment and hard work, and the joy that can be created from helping her clients, was important to Kay and something she felt compelled to demonstrate to her sons.  They and other extended family members and friends have all helped in building out the office space, hauling furniture, supplies and equipment up the infamous fire escape, and creating the environment of KFLP today.

As many know, raising a family while building a career can certainly be difficult to balance.  Having the opportunity to make KFLP a family experience has been an invaluable opportunity.  For Kay, taking the guidance, expertise and advice from her “village” has provided a solid foundation for her business to flourish.

The symbiotic relationship between Kay and the people around her, who love and support her, has been a foundation of KFLP from its inception.  The journey of KFLP has been an amazing one; in large part due to relationships Kay holds dear to her heart.  The soul of KFLP has always been a collective one and this philosophy is still true today!