The Journey of KFLP – Celebrating 10 Years

It started 10 years ago; a vision of a strong, confident woman who had extensive experience in the corporate financial world and wanted something different. Knuth Financial Life Planning, KFLP, was conceived from a philosophy of creating unique, handcrafted financial plans for families and individuals. Sharing in life’s journeys and building financial life plans together has been the focus in everything at KFLP.

In 2017, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. It was a special moment shared and celebrated with family, friends, and clients we have met along the way! Much like how our clients share their journeys with us, we would like to share the KFLP journey with you. It is truly rewarding to have your passion and philosophy lead you to the direction of success and happiness. This is more than just celebrating 10 years in business; it is a journey that celebrates the route that Kay has paved, the events that have shaped her, the game changing people she has met along the way, and the impact of all of this for the creation of KFLP. We are blessed for the journey of the past 10 years and anticipate continued growth and excitement thinking about where this journey will lead us in the future!




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